Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Lie??

So when I think about times in my own life when I have lied, I still feel guilt that I ever said it. I guess I am very different from Leopold who just doesn't know when to fess up. I guess resigning is just the better way to go. I just want to state for the record that I am Chief Editor of this blog post. I guess saying that must make me feel more authoritative. So what I’ve been thinking this whole time about why successful reporters would make up sources, or fabricate complete stories it just makes me think about kids I babysat in the past. Their was a time when I knew one of the kids ate a piece of candy right before dinner when I told him not to. His story that he made up was: that the tooth fairy came down and told him he had been a good kid dealing with tooth pain and he deserved a candy for it. Does it really matter what his story was? No, what mattered was that I caught the kid red handed, and he just couldn’t handle telling me the truth. Leopold reminds me of this 4 year old kid. Is he just afraid that mommy will get mad and send him to his room? I guess digging through the blogosphere for remarks about his journalistic failure is just as bad if not worse than never coming out of time out. I think journalists like Blair, Glass, and Leopold would find creative writing a more rewarding experience. I suggest scriptwriting, not coming to colleges to speak about your failure, or writing a biography. Once a liar perhaps always a liar. Once more I would just think I would have a higher opinion of all of these men if they just chose to take responsibility for their actions, and not blame it on stress. May I ask who these days is not stressed? Not a very good excuse. Maybe try saying that “I am crazy,” that seams to me to be the only truth Leopold could say at this moment.

If you hear this it proves how much Leopold should join fellow crazy train members. Maybe he’ll get to know Britney, one could only hope.

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