Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Networked Journalism

This is a post by Angie

Through all of the reading and explanations, it has still taken me quiet some time to truly understand what the term “Networked Journalism” really means. Ultimately it took a blog entry from Jeff Jarvis on BuzzMachine to make things clear to me. Click here to get to the article.

Basically networked journalism according to Jarvis is professionals and armatures working together to get the real story. I agree with his statement because ultimately anyone can witness the news, you don’t have to be a big-named reporter or professional journalist to make the news actual news. Jarvis also mentions in his entry that the focus of the process more than the product is what makes news. I also agree with this because the process of making news is very important. You have to have your facts, details, questions, perspectives and many different factors all straightened out before you can call something news. The straightening out of all these different things is the process.

I think it is very important for people to think critically about what they see and hear on the news and contribute those thoughts. Jarvis stated in his entry, “We are all in this together.” He is referring to amateur and professional journalists. If this is the case and we all are responsible for creating the news is it very important that we challenge ourselves and each other by thinking critically about our news.

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