Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spoiling for a fight

After posting links to a few articles on Jason Leopold on our class blog I got two emails from a disgruntled Leopold. Turns out that he just left Truthout yesterday and apparently he spent the day deep-googling himself. Here are the emails:

Ms. Russell--You defamed and libeled me by posting information about me that is one-sided. That is certainly not the trait of a journalist and as a professor you should know better. I demand you retract your commentary and provide me with the contact information of your superior at the university. I am appalled that such hurtful and damaging commentary would be posted on the web without first even attempting to get my side of the story, which I have laid out in great detail in my book. You cast me as some sort of villain in the world of journalism and have also taught that to your students and that is action for which people pursue civil remedies. I amone of those individuals.

Please contact me soonest.

Jason Leopold

Ms. Russell

I'd like to know if you personally spoke with anyone at Salon who communicated this information to you or whether you gleaned it from previously published reports.

I am taking this very seriously.

I may add that since you assigned your class the CJR story you may also tell them to look at the bottom of said story for a letter that my attorney had sent that publication based on the defamatory statements that journalist had made, again, without contacting me to give me an opportunity to respond.

Jason Leopold


Rachel said...

Wow, he's a tool. First, how did he find the blog of a class with ten students? Is he that self-obsessed? I guess that his new job - which he apparently started yesterday - isn't keeping him busy enough.

This guy questions the traits of a true journalist in his first email, completely forgetting that he didn't act AT ALL under the standards of a journalist when he fabricated and plagiarized his stories. I don't think this is a person who should be attempting to influence the ethical standards of journalism students when he obviously cannot uphold them himself.

Also, statements aren't libelous just because he doesn't like what they say. Sometimes the truth hurts, Leopold.

T. Beseda said...

Oh the irony.