Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reading the article that Artfuldoger posted with the e-mail from the former LA Times Editor, made me happy to know that top professionals in the news business are worried about where Journalism is going and not just profits. He says that he "had to cut budgets and shrink the staff" which he was not pleased with. He states that he disagrees completely with the way the company allocates resources to its newrooms. He says that, today, it is all about the money, the profit and less about good journalism. He says that journalists are being treated as 'accountants'. In his final statement he says, "When this industry stops relying so much on cuts and starts investing in journalism, it will prosper because it will be serving the best interests of our readers".

Right before reading this article, I had just finished reading an article from my sociology class about Capitalism. This e-mail from James E O'shea makes me realize even more the forceful pressure on all businesses, including journalism, to make a profit and constantly be innovating, improving and changing. It highlights the goal of all businesses to make as much of a surplus as possible by using the smallest and least expensive means possible.

While Journalists are professionals who need to make a living just like anybody else, it is bothersome to realize that everything in our society seems to revolve around money. The article highlights that our capitalist society has forced us to lean more towards an anti-family, anti-community, and anti-self-development society. Everything seems to revolve around work. Longer hours, lowers pay, and less benefits are what we have to deal with as employees today and the field of journalism is no exception.

** I'm trying to figure out how to upload the article from my sociolgoy class..when I do I will post it because it's pretty intersting..

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