Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kucinich - Thnks fr th Mmrs

Just a couple quick things in my head as the week comes to a close. It's Thursday night, 6p MDT -- And tomorrow Dennis Kucinich will be announcing his departure from the big for the Presidency. It makes me sad. He was the most honest, best candidate about there. But like Edwards, he'd have his work cut out for him in trying to advance policies that really would help our country because of a lack of cooperation from congress. Anyway, he's out. Why? Was it REALLY because he didn't have enough money? Or was it because the media didn't like him? I know I'm sort of the resident conspiracy theorist in any class I'm in, but I lean towards the idea that he's toast because the media didn't like him, and therefore didn't cover him. Or of course the more malevolent idea that the media just didn't care because they didn't see him having a shot (and didn't want him to.) Oh a fun example of the media controlling political outcomes yet again. (of course I could just be crazy -- I wouldn't actually rule that out.) ((Adrienne, you don't need to comment on that last part.))

Here's an interesting article in defense of covering campaigns as horse races.


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Rachel said...

You know, the Kucinich thing I think is definitely an example of the media deciding who's really a "good" candidate, and only covering them. I think, like we discussed in class, that the campaign is definitely covered like a horse race, so we need to pick our favorites (Obama, Hillary, McCain, Romney), while not covering what's really out there.

I also think that Kucinich was an easy target for the media to make him look foolish. He is kind of cartoonish, but he had some great ideas. I think he didn't have the name, didn't have the look, and therefore didn't have the media supporting him and telling the public that he was a viable candidate. In face, I think they didn't want him around. I mean, how many times did we see the clip where he said he believed in UFO's??? That was a clear attack on credibility, orchestrated by the media in my opinion.