Friday, January 25, 2008


So I totally just had a random thought this morning and thought I'd post it on the blog for nobody to read or respond to...


We all know the popular perception of Hillary Clinton -- cold, bitchy, mean, ice queen, etc. Clearly she's very intelligent, is part of the 2nd best political machine/family in our generation, and has the tools and experience to get her job done. But what's hard is that so many people have animosity against her, because of the aforementioned perceptions. The Clinton campaign clearly wants to disperse these notions and present Hillary in a more friendly light (their attempts are visible through many commercials, friendly youtube videos, and their lack of spin on the 'emotional moment.) But what would happen (I'll treat this as a little focus group) if they changed her hairstyle? Would that damage her image? Would that alter her band and hurt her campaign? Or could a hair down/ponytail Hillary be friendlier, nicer, warmer looking?

Many powerful women in politics have what I call the "rattlesnake" hair.

Nancy's isn't too bad, seen here with her cryptkeeper husband.

This picture of Hillary isn't terrible, but I know you know what I'm talking about. Maybe if she grew it out a little, added a scrunchy and a ponytail...would this help? I feel like a different hairstyle could go a long way towards changing her image.

Though I could be completely effing nuts.


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Rachel said...

I think this funny, but actually kind of relevant. I'm sure that hair would be a huge conversation starter. Remember how much the media went nuts when she got her hair cut as First Lady? Not to mention the John Edwards hair fiasco... It's pretty amazing how the media focuses on things like this.

What's really relevant, though, is that the internet would totally be the engine through which this would be discussed. I think that if Hillary went with the "every-girl" hair, there would be a lot of people that would write - probably on blogs - about how she's trying too hard to be normal and relatable. Can't you just see the hundreds of Hillary Hair blogs out there? You should start one!!!