Monday, January 28, 2008

Citizen Journalism

Hello everyone I am finally blogging, my first blog yet so here it goes popping my blog cherry. I was thinking about citizen journalism and how much I have started to see more of it in morning news, the only time I usually have to watch T.V. I have had a couple of friends in the past who video taped the first ever tornado in my home town, both of them got paid and had their videos on the nightly news. As Allan talks about the tsunami’s and how several world news used citizen journalists videos shots who were vacationing on the tropical islands of the disaster it makes me realize its usefulness and its place within news.With that said I don’t think I am the only person to realize this change, in fact this video clip expresses how John Edwards a candidate took this to use during his campaign. thought this clip was very interesting in terms of what we have talked about in class about politics and about the changing pace of news, and the use of blogs within this medium. This was another clip I found that I thought was pretty funny in terms of the way it framed "citizen journalists."
oh Legos the best toy ever's 50th Aniversary is today, just in case no one knew.

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