Thursday, March 6, 2008

Online Gaming

From Angie:

Is it just me or is online gaming one of the coolest phenomena to hit the internet. It’s not like the internet was not already cool enough, but now we have the capabilities to play video games with people in other countries and we don’t even have to worry about the language barrier. I was playing NBA Live 08 with my nephew when he asked me if he could start up a game against some guy that he could not beat the night before. L looked at him puzzled thinking who the heck the person was, and then I asked him what time he would be over to play. My nephew laughed at me and said he’s already here; we play each other through online gaming. Man, an Xbox 360 has internet capability, that’s crazy to me. I guess I sound kind of old school when I say this, but we didn’t have that back when I was a kid. That’s funny to me because I am still a kid, kind of and in just a few years the internet has advanced a ton and communication has enhanced. What’s next?

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