Monday, March 3, 2008

Links Galore

First, CNN just launched (as far as I know it's pretty recent) a new iReport Beta Site that is supposed to be a place for "uncensored, user-powered news." Additionally, "All the stories here are user-generated and instant: CNN does not vet or verify their authenticity or accuracy before they post. The ones with the "On CNN" stamp have been vetted and used in CNN news coverage."

So...there you have it. Censored if it's appeared on CNN, if it's just for the web, naked iReports are still fair game!

This is the link to the article I referenced (a lot) in class about the original newspaper, Publick Occurrences. It has lots of fun information about North Carolina papers specifically, but the insights on early American newspapers is pertinent (to me) and interesting (mostly to me) when juxtaposed with ideas of early blog development as well.

If you'd like to take a closer look at the video we watched a smidge/tidge/skoche/bit of, it's located ici.
(that's French for 'here'!!!!)

mais je ne parle pas francias bien.

Um, methinks that's it.

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